Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty!

We had a visitor this morning.
He's such a sweetie.  I let him in from the rain and fed him a little bit of tuna, it's all I have because I don't have cats.  Then he went in the fireplace, cleaned himself up and after that spent two hours under our tree.  He allowed Zuri to pet him, sat on my lap for a bit and then wanted to go outside for a potty break.
I want to keep him, but I can't.  First, I'm bad with animals.  My kids get fed because they make noise, I've killed about 3 fish because they don't.  This is a pretty vocal cat, but my last one ran away, I think because he was super jealous of the new baby.  Second, I can't afford him.  It's a $300 pet fee, plus he's a stray so who knows how much vet care he's going to need and also, apparently, cats like to eat, so that's another monthly expense that I'm not ready to take on.
So if anyone wants a good sized orange tabby male, about 3-4 years and can get to TX to pick him up, I know a real sweet heart.


Sara said...

I'm allergic, but a trip to TX might be nice. This is also why my husband feeds the dogs. Otherwise they'd wither and die since I'd forget to feed them and don't do well with subtle signs, like nudging, scratching and barking.

4 Lettre Words said...

Maybe he'll just keep coming back for visits!